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Vocalists! ‘The Language of Song’ (Advanced) by Heidi Pegler and Nicola-Jane Kemp now on KR Player! posted 17 Apr ago


Who are KnowledgeRocks?

KnowledgeRocks is a London, UK based music education technology start-up founded by Eran Kendler and Stefan Redtenbacher.

Our vision is to make music learning more effective and engaging and to transform the distribution of digital sheet music.  Working with developers from the US, Great Britain, Greece and New Zealand underlines our desire to offer great music education technology with a truly global appeal.

We are musicians creating software for musicians. Having worked professionally in the music industry and music education industry for 30 years has provided us with an excellent understanding of the problems associated with digital music practise and distribution of digital music content.

On one hand we are offering intuitive and easy-to-use technology to music teachers, artists, musicians, self-publishers and traditional publishers which adds value to their existing digital content and improves and increases their route to market.

On the other we believe that all musicians, no matter how old or young, whether a classical, rock and pop or jazz musician, a novice, keen amateur or professional musician will find our applications useful to play, learn or practise music.

In a wider sense we are true believers in the great benefits of singing or playing a musical instrument, music education, knowledge in general and in the connecting power of music.

Founding directors Stefan Redtenbacher - bassist and serial educator & Eran Kendler - guitarist and technology wizard (Photo courtesy of Rob Blackham)

Our team of annotators

These lovely people set up KR files, i.e. sync PDF scores to audio and add artwork, text and tags. They also listen and play along to KR Files created by others to make sure everything works well. We think they are just brilliant!

Andy Little - guitar

Mr Little has always had a noisy brain. As a child he would press his head up to people's ears and ask if they could hear it. They never could and the older he grew the more frustrated he became until at last it was unbearable. Desperate to be heard, he sold his soul to the devil in return for a band of his finest musicians.

Since then Mr Little and his noisy band have been making music to captivate and spiritualise the senses, each night giving meaning to their music which it has never had before and may never have again.

Oliver Blackman - bass

"I'm Oliver Blackman, a musician based in central London. Following in the footsteps of KR founder Stefan I am a bass player who enjoys all things funky, although I perform for a large variety of acts!
I came across Knowledge Rocks while writing my dissertation at university as my subject was based on music education online. I was lucky to interview Stefan, after which he showed me the prototypes for Knowledge Rocks and I immediately knew this was a tool every musician needs."

Patrick Rutland - viola

Patrick Rutland started viola as student at The Junior Department of The Royal Academy of Music, London, where he studied with Professor James Sleigh for six years. He studied at The Royal College of Music, London, with Andriy Viytovych. Patrick spent one year on a prestigious exchange program at The Manhattan School of Music, studying with Patinka Kopec. He currently studies with Roger Chase at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. Before moving Chicago, Patrick was a member of the peripatetic teaching staff at Hill House International School, where he taught violin and viola. As well as being a viola player, Patrick has completed many arrangements of popular classical music for string quartet.

Kyle Langley - drums

Kyle Langley is originally from Kingston but moved to Guildford to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music where he completed 4 years of study, resulting in a diploma, HND and BA Honours degree. He spends most of his time teaching around Surrey and gigging with many different bands across the UK. Kyle brings a great feel and groove to the band with his own unique style of playing.

Eloisa Fleur-Thom - violin

Eloisa-Fleur Thom is a prize-winning violinist in demand throughout the UK both as a soloist and chamber musician. As an alumna, Eloisa-Fleur was invited to perform J.S Bach’s Concerto for two violins with Maxim Vengerov at the Royal Academy of Music in November 2012, where she was kindly loaned the 1718 ‘Maurin’ Stradivarius violin. 2013 saw Eloisa-Fleur give performances at the Wigmore Hall, King’s Place, the Ashmolean Museum’s ‘Stradivarius’ exhibition on a ‘beech-back’ violin from the collection, Leeds International Concert Series, many of the UK concert societies through the Countess of Munster Artists Scheme, as well as a collaboration with Rambert Dance Company. Spring 2014 holds more excitement with performances scheduled at Kings Place, Handel House and The Forge.