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Vocalists! ‘The Language of Song’ (Advanced) by Heidi Pegler and Nicola-Jane Kemp now on KR Player! posted 17 Apr ago


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‘The Language of Song’ (Advanced) by Heidi Pegler and Nicola-Jane Kemp now on KR Player 17th Apr 2014

About the Language of SongThe Language of Song is a Faber Music published award-winning series of books by ABRSM examiners and professional singers, Heidi Pegler and Nicola-Jane Kemp. Voted 'Best Educational Publication' at the 2007 Music Industries … read more

Geoff Gascoyne - Jazz Bassist and Producer of Session Band app - offers FREE Walking Bass exercises 12th Apr 2014

Free Walking Bass Exercise on KR Store Geoff was kind enough to offer one of his walking Bass exercises for free on the in-app store of the KR Player for iPad. 15 choruses of C Blues… read more

Redtenbacher’s Funkestra ‘Concubine Chronicles’ bass charts and synced audio FREE on KR Store 20th Mar 2014

About the Bass chartsAll the charts for the 'Concubine Chronicles' album - full score, tenor sax, guitar, Hammond B3, bass and drums chart were typeset by Phil Knight using the Reprise font he developed himself for… read more

Bassist Jayme Lewis explains KR Player and KR Author in his latest video 12th Mar 2014

About Jayme LewisUS west coast based Jayme Lewis is a powerhouse bass player, producer, author and educator. How he found time to shoot a ten minute video talking about our KR Player and KR Author we… read more

Open Goldberg Variation No 14 by Kimiko Ishizaka with urtext, plate score and MuseScore on KR store 25th Feb 2014

Sheet music of Bach's Goldberg Variation No 14 through the centuriesWe are particularly excited about this KR file - it allows you to hear the brilliant performance by pianist Kimko Ishizaka with three different scores of… read more

L.A. Jam Trax on KR Player in-app store now - Bassist Jayme Lewis starts off with 8 fantastic jams 14th Feb 2014

 L.A. Jam Trax and KR PlayerLA Jam Trax is committed to offering quality music instruction for multiple instruments and genres for all levels of difficulty. From in-depth tutorial videos to FULL transcriptions and play-along… read more

‘The Language of Song’ (Elementary) by Heidi Pegler and Nicola-Jane Kemp on KR Player this week 26th Jan 2014

'The Language of Song' - Elementary for high and low voiceThe first two 'books' of this series contain 20 classic Italian, German and French songs, with background notes, translations and pronunciation guides. With the KR files you… read more

Sam Dunn’s gypsy jazz guitar piece ‘A Little Waltz for Django’ on KR store today 24th Jan 2014

About Sam DunnBased in Leeds, England, Eastman Guitars Artist Sam Dunn is a 6 & 7 String Jazz guitarist, Mandolinist, and Oud player from Liverpool, England, and has nearly twenty years experience as a working pro musician. His… read more

Compositions by distinguished horn player and composer Richard Bissill on KR store 13th Jan 2014

About Richard BissillRichard is an arranger, composer and horn player. Though widely known as a horn player, Richard has pursued an almost parallel career as an arranger and composer, creating works for the concert hall and… read more

Bassist Anthony Vitti’s ‘Odd time sight-reading’ and ‘Finger Funk Workbook 2’ now on KR store 8th Jan 2014

About Anthony VittiAnthony Vitti is a formidable bassist and professor at the world renown Berklee College of Music where he has been teaching since 1988. He has performed with Greg Bissonette, Blues Saraceno, Carmine Appice, Gregg Bissonette,… read more

KR Author public beta is now available for download 12th Dec 2013

You can now download the public beta version of KR Author (= KnowledgeRocks Author) for free. It will work on any Mac OSX 10.6+. We hope you will get as much out of this software as we do… read more

‘Rock and Read’ for Bass by Mike Nichols and Phil Mulford on KR store today 2nd Dec 2013

'Rock and Read' is a new approach to learning to sight read stave notation with authentic song charts and backing tracks played and produced by top session musicians Mike Nichols and Phil Mulford. Being able to… read more

Paul Turner’s note-for-note bass transcription of ‘Do Ya’ by supergroup Shuffler on KR Store today 27th Nov 2013

About 'Do Ya'Paul was absolutely delightful when we asked him to get involved with a note-for-note bass transcription for 'Do Ya' - an original song by supergroup Shuffler soon to be released on their first album.… read more

Mr Little’s Noisy Band on KR Store 22nd Nov 2013

Mr Little's Noisy Band is a new and exciting Jazz Funk band formed around the noisy brain of Andy Little. They just released their first EP and the full scores and instrument parts are now available… read more

iBass magazine makes their tuition scores and audio available in KR format 12th Nov 2013

It was great fun working with Nick Wells, the man behind the excellent iBass magazine for iPad! You can now get some of the tuition content for FREE in our unique KR file format from our… read more

‘The Best of Clarinet Grades 1-5’ edited by Paul Harris 11th Nov 2013

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of all the pieces of 'The Best of Grades 1-5 for Clarinet' on our KR store. As always you change pitch & time and loop any tricky sections. … read more

‘Alligator Stomp’ Big Band parts from Richard Niles’ Bandzilla ‘Blue Movies’ album on KR store today 5th Nov 2013

Finally we have Richard Niles' parts for the big arrangement for his tune 'Alligator Stomp' from the Bandzilla album 'Blue Movies' on the KR store. You will be able to find this instrument parts: 4 trumpets, 5 saxes… read more

‘The Best of Flute Grades 1-5’ edited by Sally Adams 4th Nov 2013

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of all the pieces of 'The Best of Grades 1-5 for Flute' on our KR store. As always you change pitch & time and loop any tricky sections.… read more

‘The Best of Violin Grades 1-5’ edited by Jessica O’Leary 29th Oct 2013

We are very excited to announce that all the pieces from 'The Best of Violin Grades 1-5', edited by Jessica O'Leary and published by Faber Music, are now available on our KR store in our… read more

‘Vandborg Choral Editions’ edited by Nic Rowley 28th Oct 2013

Hi there fellow music maker! We are very proud to add the 'Vandborg Choral Editions' edited by Nic Rowley to our KR store. This series is perfect for vocalists who sing in a choir. You can… read more

Master bassist’s Laurence Cottle composition ‘Quite firm’ on KR store today 21st Oct 2013

We are very happy to announce that UK master bassist Laurence Cottle has provided us with his first KR file of his composition 'Quite Firm'. The KR file includes a note-for-note bass transcription by Laurence… read more

‘Cursory advice’ or ‘About cursors and highlights’ 16th Oct 2013

When we set out on the task to reimagine sheet music it was by no means an easy one.  As professional musicians, we have a nostalgic attachment to traditionally printed sheet music, similar to most… read more

KR Player 1.1 for iOS 7 with ‘pitch & time’ and ‘looping’ function out today 30th Sep 2013

It has only been two weeks since we launched KR Player 1.0. As it happens Apple released their iOS7 in the same week. So we have not been sitting around and have not only developed a new… read more

KR Player - sheet music reimagined - FINALLY OUT 19th Sep 2013

Dear friends, After three years of a roller coaster ride we finally launched our beloved KR Player - sheet music re-imagined. Needless to say we are very proud of it and we do believe that we… read more

Smoovie at the Apple Store London 26th Oct 2012

Our fantastic programmers coming down from Scotland to present their app Smoovie during the London International Animation Festival at the Regent Street Apple Store. Thursday 1st of November at 5pm. Smoovie is a beautifully simple stop… read more

Major breakthrough 10th Oct 2012

We are immensly proud that this week has seen a seismic shift in the development of our iPad app. Now it is time for all hands on deck and a big thank you to the wonderul… read more

KAS using the MyBeat app on iPads 26th Sep 2012

The school is intensively using iPads in the classrooms and during lectures. The promote mobile learning in the digital classroom. When they updated their iPads to iOS5 they added 5 new apps to their music folder. We… read more

Pat Metheny metronome exercise 3rd Sep 2012

After decades of successful music-making in London, Great Britian, Dr. Richard Niles (as he is now known as) has returned to the US West coast. Between packing boxes and numerous runs to the US embassy Richard… read more

Kaiserin Augusta Schule 13th Nov 2011

We are very proud to announce that a school in Cologne, Germany called 'Kaiserin Augusta Schule' has uploaded our app on all their ipads which they use in their lectures. This is a very cutting edge… read more

Farewell to a friend 6th Oct 2011

We are all saddened by the news of the untimely death of Steve Jobs, and I'm sure anything that we can say about the impact, influence and inspiration of the man is being said now… read more

New MyBeat artists 30th Sep 2011

Last week was great fun!  - we filmed Paul Turner from Jamiroquai, André 'Saxman' Brown and Koby Israelite at various locations. Sid Gauld from Incognito, Rob Hughes and Dany Schnyder were kind enough to… read more

In the beginning 6th Sep 2011

If you are reading this blog entry then you must be curious about KnowledgRocks or our first product - the MyBeat Metronome. So first of all - thank you for getting thus far. We are really… read more