With KR Player, you have full control over the key and tempo of any piece of music. Our Pitch & Time engine allows you to change the key and time of any audio file with incredible accuracy and nearly no loss of quality.

Transpose the audio

The Pitch function allows you to tune any audio file 6 semi tones up or 6 semi tones down. In essence you can tune your KR file to any of the 12 keys you desire. Note that the starting point for pitch alterations is the original key. This way you will always know which key you are currently in. Slide to the right to transpose up in semitones or slide to the left to transpose down in semitones. Going up will result in sharp key signatures only whilst going down will result in flat key signatures.

Speed up or slow down

You can speed up or slow down any KR file relative to the original tempo indicated in BPM (= beats per minute). You can make the audio as much as twice as fast or slow with the tempo slider. Slide to the right and the tune will speed up, slide to the right and the tune will slow down.

KR Player will remember the pitch and time changes you've made. If you don't, don't worry as the the app will tell you. If the settings button is highlighted in blue you know that the pitch and time feature is active.

If you want to go back to the starting key and tempo just tap on the reset button.

Your KR library holds all the free and downloaded content from the KR store but also files that you created and imported yourself. Download our FREE KR Author to create your own AudioSheetMusic™.


To help you finding exactly the KR files you want just use the regular search field on the top right.


For a quick overview of the most important features just tab on the bottom right question mark icon.

Playing AudioSheetMusic™ with KR Player could not be easier. Our simple interface allows you to concentrate on your music and not get bogged down by buttons.

Our mission is very clear - simple, effective and fun.  

Using gestures like 'double tap' to start and stop and 'pinch' to zoom are as intuitive as the tablet itself. We also provided a transport bar for additional control over the score. The transport bar is also where you can change your settings to choose your score/audio and adapt KR Player to your style of practicing and playing.

You can find a wealth of AudioSheetMusic™ for any style, instrument and level on our KR Store. We offer free and payed content from a multitude of sources - our aim is to only offer high quality content to our users, regardless of where it is coming from.

Filter Search

You can use the search field on the top right in the usual way. To further narrow down the search results you can apply our filtered search. Just scroll down the list of tags underneath the main search field and tap on as many tags as you like until you find exactly what you are after. 

For example, type 'guitar' into the search field. Let's say there are 100 results. However, you are after 'funk guitar' files only. Find the 'funk' and/or 'funk guitar' tag and tap on it. You might want to further narrow down your search by tapping on a specific author or band. Repeat this process until you have exactly what you are after. 

By tapping on the little 'x' on the right of each selected tag you can easily delete any unwanted tag.

KR Player allows you to loop any section of your AudioSheetMusic™.

Selecting Your Loop

By default the loop points are set to the beginning and the end of the piece. By tapping and holding any bar the loop settings will appear. The start and end points of your loop are indicated with blue brackets. Use the 'loop start point' to set the first bar of your desired loop and the 'loop end point' to set the last. 

Turning Your Loop On and Off

Both the loop button (on the right of the play button) and the settings button light up blue when the loop function is active.

If you want to disable the loop function just tap on the loop button: the brackets will disappear and the loop button will turn grey.

KR Player will remember the loop points for you next time you open the file. Just tap on the loop button to bring them to life again.

Note: to facilitate smoother looping we integrated a soft fade at the start and end of the loop points.