About Cursors and Highlights

When we set out on the task to reimagine sheet music it was by no means an easy one.

As professional musicians, we have a nostalgic attachment to traditionally printed sheet music, similar to most people in regards to printed books over e-books.

One of the most interesting and lengthy debates we had was on how to implement the cursor on our application. We agreed that in both printed sheet music and physical books there are no devices that highlight your current reading position. Furthermore - as all experienced music readers will tell you, your eyes must always 'read ahead' of the current playing position, i.e when reading bar 3, you should be looking at least at bar 4 (or more if you are and experienced musician).

As educators teaching sight reading, we always advocated not to read each note in isolation, rather than read 'lines' and 'shapes'. This is very similar to reading text (like what you are doing now). Do a quick search for "Can you read this text", and you'll find multitude of examples of 'garbled' text that although spelled wrongly is still comprehensible. As we are all experienced readers - we simply scan the text and don't read every character. Experienced sight-readers do just the same - they scan a bar and know how it sounds without the need to 'read' every note.

This led us to the decision to not implement a cursor, i.e. a line that indicates the exact position in every bar, rather than opting for a 'highlight' - which instead indicates the current 'bar' in the music.

We also made sure that at any given time while reading your score you can always read ahead, so our application makes sure that the next few bars are visible at all times. We also allow you to control the amount of 'read-ahead' according to your proficiency in reading music.

The movement of the highlight was something we tested for a long time and fine-tuned to perfection. The movement is rapid but not too fast and stays as much as possible on the current bar for its full duration.

We hope you will enjoy the gradual shift from printed music to digital scores as we believe that this is the way of the future (and also saves trees in the process).

Please let us know how you feel about our 'highlight bar' instead of the more common cursor. We are always eager to improve - the reason we made the application in the first place and to make all musician's lives a little easier.