‘Alligator Stomp’ Big Band parts from Richard Niles’ Bandzilla ‘Blue Movies’ album on KR store today

Finally we have Richard Niles’ parts for the big arrangement for his tune ‘Alligator Stomp’ from the Bandzilla album ‘Blue Movies’ on the KR store. You will be able to find this instrument parts: 4 trumpets, 5 saxes and 4 trombones, bass, guitar, keys and drums. Currently the trumpet 3, alto sax 2 and bass trombone part are for free.

About the Bandzilla album 'Blue Movies'

In 1990 Niles released the band’s only album 'Blue Movies' playing Niles compositions and new versions of “Breakout” and “Slave To The Rhythm”. Singers Clive Griffin and Tessa Niles were featured on the album along with the cream of London’s young session musicians such as Guy Barker and Peter Vetesse. The expensive band performed two sellout gigs at London’s Jazz Café with guest singers Pat Kane and Richard Darbyshire (from the band Living In A Box). Niles conducted with a selection of root vegetables, especially leeks.

About Richard Niles

Dr. Richard Niles is a prolific composer, producer, songwriter, arranger, conductor and musical director whose career spans pop, R&B, rock and jazz. Records featuring his work have sold over 250 million copies worldwide.

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