Bassist Anthony Vitti’s ‘Odd time sight-reading’ and ‘Finger Funk Workbook 2’ now on KR

About Anthony Vitti

Anthony Vitti is a formidable bassist and professor at the world renown Berklee College of Music where he has been teaching since 1988.

He has performed with Greg Bissonette, Blues Saraceno, Carmine Appice, Gregg Bissonette, Blues Saraceno, George Burns, Sammy Davis Jr., the Drifters, Joe Franco, Liberace, Rita Moreno, the original Platters, Steve Smith, and Bobby Vinton.

In 1995 he started his own publishing company 'Daadoo Music' to fill a gap in the bass book publishing market. He created books based on his experiences teaching hundreds of bassists at Berklee and the want to also provide advanced players with challenging material.

KnowledgeRocks are absolutely delighted to have Anthony on board and offering the pieces of his books on our KR store in KR file format.

Stefan is particularly thrilled to welcome his former bass teacher from his Berklee College of Music days to the growing number of educators making use of the KnowledgeRocks technology. We always wanted to create an independent high tech outlet for music education content inspired by the work of musicians like Anthony and to see it finally come together feels just great!

About the Books

"I wanted a book that I would go back over again and again to keep my chops up. Of course there are a few excellent books like the "James Jamerson" book out there, but they are few and far between."

Odd Time Sight Reading

This book is for all the players that want to reach out and develop their odd time signature sight-reading skills. 

The Finger Funk Workbook Vol. 2

If you want a good challenge for both your fretting and picking hand and want to improve your time-keeping and groove at the same time - look no further, this is the 'book' for you.

As always you can download the free KR Player for iPad here to get access to Anthony's pieces in KR file format via our in-app store.

Watch Anthony here talking about his sound and thumbing technique.