Bassist JAYME LEWIS explains KR Player and KR Author in his latest video

About Jayme Lewis

US west coast based Jayme Lewis is a powerhouse bass player, producer, author and educator. How he found time to shoot a ten minute video talking about our KR Player and KR Author we don't know, but he did and it is great. Watch it here!

Jayme has been working for years as a sideman, an artist and a small business-owner residing in Northern Los Angeles. He is a national touring bassist and studio musician, a record producer, author and music educator. Having discovered the bass guitar at the age of 7, he began to passionately pursue the instrument throughout his youth. After graduating in 2008 from California State University of Northridge with a Bachelor's Degree in Music, Jayme began a career as a sideman in L.A. and has played with numerous artists from around the country, as well as cutting his teeth in the studio tracking cues for Disney and Nickelodeon. In 2012 he began a career as an artist and released his first record, When Will Then Be Now? On top of teaching privately at the The Lewis Music Academy in Moorpark, CA, Jayme still manages to gig and tour full time, host a bass Podcast, maintain several online businesses and produce artists out of his recording studio, Second Story Studios. 

Here more of Jayme's activities: L.A. Bass LixL.A. Jam TraxsIgnite Musical what have you been doing today? 

When Will Then Be Now

If you are interested in Jayme's output as an artist download his free album here. It is a tour the force and his bass chops are just ridiculous. Recently he has uploaded all the tracks from this album onto the in-app store on the KR Player. This means that us lesser mortals bass players can slow down his lines and loop tricky sections (of which there are many), all with continuous scrolling and a highlight bar taking us by the hand so we can't get lost in the sheet music.