Composer PAUL BARKER’S orchestral scores, parts and recordings on KR store now

We are very pleased to now have a brilliant selection of Paul’s compositions as AudioSheetMusic™ on the KR store. The level of these reaches from foundation level up to grade 8, ideal for GCSE Music Performance an concerts. Many of Paul’s pieces are orchestral/choral in nature an encompass a wide range of instruments from rhythm section [including percussion], vocals, strings, woodwinds and brass. The ‘Instrumental Foundation Flexi-Series’ are brilliantly suited for training orchestras

Practise with Paul's AudioSheetMusic™ on the KR Player

Our unique new format will allow students to easily loop tricky passages, slow down entire tunes or sections at pitch and even transpose the audio backing track. The highlight bar will always show the student where they are on the score to help them to not get ‘lost’. More advanced students might want to switch off the highlight bar to check on their progress. All this is achieved whilst the score automatically syncs with the audio track allowing it to musically scroll along to the music or metronome. There is no need for the student to touch the iPad or use a Bluetooth foot pedal for page turns.

 Bandleaders, conducting or composition/arrangement students can study the full score, ideally in portrait format to make most of all the features of the KR Player as described above.

 You can get individual parts or entire book bundles for the following pieces: ‘Circle of Fifths’, ‘Dolorium’, ‘Karma Mantra II’, ‘Karma Nirvana’, ‘Karma Satori’, ‘Momentium’, ‘Rock . Com ‘, ‘RockAtude’ and hopefully many more to come.

About Paul Barker

Paul Barker is a published freelance composer and creator of who studied music with Patric Stanford at Leeds University in the United Kingdom. Many of his works such as ‘Roquiem’, ‘MASSive’ and ‘Images of Christmas’ have been published and performed by leading choirs around the world and he has also been placed first in the UK Songwriting Contest and also represented Hong Kong with a first place award in the International Music Aid Competition.

He is currently working on a new catalogue of music for the Nuvo Instrumental Company, showcasing new content on the UK Knowledge Rocks ipad App and in December 2014 was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest with the seasonal song ‘Angels In The Wind’ and Commended Award for ‘Pie Jesu’ from ‘MASSive’.

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