‘Dino’s Killer Grooves’ for drums on KR Store

About 'Dino's Killer Grooves'

Dino’s Killer Grooves is a NEW series of Knowledge Rocks Drum Transcriptions, inspired by contemporary drummers, featuring the hippest Modern Drumming Grooves online.

* NEW ‘Easy-read’ Drum Charts -  ‘Expanded' 4 stave format, easier to interpret, strengthens reading.

* Stickings - Included and annotated exactly where they’re needed.

* Dynamic Audio - Pristine high end audio recordings revealing all nuances.

* Accuracy - Meticulously checked and re-checked for accuracy.

About Dino

Over the last 15 years, Dino has gained a unique style, sound and feel through the immersion of mixed musical influences, studio and touring work supporting a variety of artists. He's performed at Big Chill Festivals with Shur-i-Kan (Freerange / Dark Energy Records), D’Nell (BBE Records) and recorded with Big Life/ Sony Columbia & TruThoughts labels .  Currently, he is concentrating on providing the most up to date transcriptions of contemporary (modern drumming).

Dino: "I guarantee the KR Killer Grooves Series will raise your Drumming game, offering you an achievable and measurable challenge, improving timing, reading, strengthening coordination & opening your creative faculties."

Check out Dino's fantastic YouTube channel here.