FERGUSON BANDBOOK VOL 1 for guitar, drums & keys available as AudioSheetMusic™

You now can loop, transpose and slow down/speed up all the exercises and pieces in the ‘Bankbook Volume 1’ series for Drums, Guitar, Keys/Piano in our exciting new AudioSheetMusic™ format on any tablet or browser.

Bandbook Volume 1 for guitar, drums & keys scores and backing tracks on KR Store

What's more - the highlight bar always shows you where you are on the score in relation to the audio and the scores scroll automatically in sync with the backing tracks. No page turns or manual scrolling needed.

All in one convenient place in the library of the KR Player app and you can choose if you want to get the entire books or individual units only.

Volume 1 covers debut, grade one and starts grade two.

Volume 2 covers grade two and starts grade three (to come as AudioSheetMusic™ ).

Volume 3 takes you from grade three to the end of grade four (to come as AudioSheetMusic™).


About Ferguson Music Academy

Ferguson’s Academy Of Music has been active in the UK since 1999. We use a comprehensive range of courses including our very own Bandbook covering a wide variety of musical disciplines. There are lessons to suit people of all age groups and any ability - from complete beginners to aspiring professionals. And, in keeping with our tradition, we specialise in making it fun!

We guarantee to offer 44 weeks of tuition per year which generally fit into the academic calendar of local schools, with holidays for Christmas, Easter and summer. You can join us at any time of the year

Our classes typically cater for up to eight students, live - without headphones! Group learning is fundamental to gaining a much broader range of musical skills. In every lesson students get the opportunity to play together. Not only is this highly motivational, it is also critical to developing the ability to listen and interact with the performance of other students. We carefully assess every potential student so that they can join an appropriate group and our structured course material ensures steady progress.

Here at Ferguson’s Academy of Music you are guaranteed to get the very best musical education. All of our teachers are experienced musicians in their own right and they all undertake a rigorous training programme, (and have been through an Enhanced Disclosure Scotland check), before entering the classroom. In addition to intensive initial training teachers attend seminars at regular intervals to ensure up-to-date teaching practises are maintained.