GREEN DAY Authentic Playalong for Bass, Drums, Guitar by Faber Music on KR store today

Green Day Authentic Playalong for Guitar, Bass and Drums

Take over from Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt or Trey Cool to become the lead singer and guitarist, bassist or drummer for Green Day!

Green Day Authentic Guitar Playalong presents eight songs that span their awesome career, arranged for guitar, bass and drums in standard notation and tablature with melody line and chord symbols, transcribed from the original recordings.

This series includes a specially recorded sound-alike audio tracks, with full performance demonstrations and backing tracks for you to play and sing along to.

Practising Green Day tunes with the free KR Player on iPad

We are very pleased to have these great tunes with excellent backing tracks on the KR store. This means that practising Green Day tunes was never easier! Once you downloaded them to your library you can take the place of one of their members.

Change pitch and time or loop tricky sections to perfect every part of a tune. You don't have to worry about where you are in the music as the highlight bar will always show you were you ought to be and the automatic scrolling allows you to focus on your instrument and not page turns.

As always you can practise the entire tune or a selection along to the built in metronome before you playalong with the rest of the band. By the time you will play these tunes with your band your really will have them down!