In The Beginning

If you are reading this blog entry then you must be curious about KnowledgRocks or our first product - the MyBeat Metronome. So first of all - thank you.

We are really happy about our first 'baby'. We've spent countless hours trying to come up with applications that will represent what we are as a company and what we stand for as musicians: simple - cool - great. 

MyBeat is exactly that - it is very simple to operate as there are almost no buttons. It is an utterly cool app with the option to personalise backgrounds and set the tempo with our unique shake-to-tempo function. We made sure that the timing of the MyBeat metronome is nothing short of, well - great!. Our programmers think we are mad as we had them back to the drawing board numerous times until we simply said "Yep - this is the one".

Funnily enough MyBeat was never meant to be our first 'baby'. It is a small part of a much more comprehensive piece of software that will surley blow your socks off. What is it all about? Well, we can't really reveal anything yet. Not because we don't want to, rather because we want to make sure we get it right first. Once we do, we want to be the first company to introduce this unique and ground breaking application.

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And again - thanks for visiting our site. We appreciate your time.