KR Player 1.1 for iOS 7 with Pitch, Time & Looping Function

It has only been two weeks since we launched KR Player 1.0. As it happens Apple released their iOS7 in the same week. So we have not been sitting around and have not only developed a new design for the KR Player but also have added 'pitch & time' and 'looping' features. So we are very proud to present you with our version of the KR Player 1.1 (build 349).

The 'pitch & time' feature came courtesy of our developers who we nicknamed 'The GGs' (Gorden and Gavin) as they already developed this for their brilliant iPhone app called 'Highnote'.

You can change the pitch of any KR file to any of the 12 keys by transposing the original key up by 6 semi tones or down by 6 semi tones. What's more - the audio still sound great! We love the 'GGs'! Furthermore you can fine tune the pitch of any audio to accommodate for instruments that are not or can't be tuned to the standard A 440 Hz. A feature that many of our users with 'wonky' pianos or period instruments will appreciate.

If you want to practise a piece at a slower tempo (or maybe even faster) you can speed up or slow down any KR file to as much as twice the speed of the original tempo indicated in BPM (= beats per minute).

Looping is of course another one of those super useful features when you need to get your hands, ears, hands or vocal chords around a desired passage. Or you might want to improvise over a 'endless loop' and not be confined by the length of an arrangement. Just tap and hold and set the loop points accordingly. 

Note that the 'pitch & time' feature is only available for iOS7 users. However, good news the looping feature is also available for iOS5 and iOS6 users.

We would love to hear your feedback after you had a play with our new features! Always happy to hear your comments.