KR PLAYER Beta for ANDROID available now

KnowledgeRocks proudly announces the release of our KR Player Beta app for Android. Hop on the Google Play store to check it out now!

After months of heavy development with the guys from Compsoft, namely Mike Burgess, Andy Vaughan, Ivan Leong, Daniel Payne, David Ilsley and Emily Jenkins we have arrived and are ready to release the KR Player Beta for Android via the Google Play store to the world.

Public Beta means that we are superkeen to hear your feedback in order to iron out any remaining bugs which our internal beta testers haven't uncovered yet. Thank you Geoff Lea, Phil Clifford-Brown, Daniel Peate and Rosario Gueli for looking over our shoulders.

Our Android KR Player is best enjoyed with a minium 7" screen tablet and at least version 4.1 Android operating system, i.e. Jelly Bean. We are looking to maximise our Android technology as soon as possible to also cater for smaller screen sizes, in particular the Android phones.

Hand in hand with the Android release you will also find a brand new in-app store which allows you to not only purchase and download AudioSheetMusic™ on the tablet, you can also view, download, purchase and play your files on any web browser with our 'KR Web' app.

Looking forward to all your feedback.

Stefan, Eran and the entire KR team.