KR Player - Sheet Music Reimagined - FINALLY OUT

Dear friends,

After three years of a roller coaster ride we finally launched our beloved KR Player - sheet music re-imagined. Needless to say we are very proud of it and we do believe that we have created technology that resolves numerous issues at once:

 - offer everyone with high quality music and education content the opportunity for 'added value' sales through our patented technology and our KR store

- offer any musician an integrated practise experience with synchronised and beautifully scrolling sheet music.

- Fair pricing to our customers and fair deal policy with all providers.

In short a win-win-win situation - for the users, the authors and publishers of content and KnowledgeRocks. Long may it last!

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We really appreciate it. Onwards and upwards. Together we are better:-)

KR, Eran & Stefan (The Ben & Jerry of the digital sheet music world)