NIRVANA AudioSheetMusic™ for guitar, drums and bass now on KR store

Nirvana backing tracks and sheet music in fantastic new format on iPad for guitar, drums and bass.

We now have beautiful sheet music (including TAB) and fantastic sounding backing tracks in our unique format on the KR in-app store. You can either buy individual tracks like "About a Girl", "Come as You Are", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Territorial Pissings", "Penny Royal Tea" and "Heart Shaped Box" or buy book bundles for guitar, drums or bass.

It is fantastically good fun to loop tricky sections or slow down the riffs to really get to grips with them. As always there is no need to fiddle around with a CD or book - everything you need to become a Nirvana 'band member' is on your iPad, in the KR Player library.