Paul Turner’s bass transcription of ‘Do Ya’ by Shuffler on KR Store

About 'Do Ya'

Paul was absolutely delightful when we asked him to get involved with a note-for-note bass transcription for 'Do Ya' - an original song by supergroup Shuffler soon to be released on their first album. His handwritten transcription was spot on and shows his ability not 'only' to perform but also to craft a masterful bass performance.

Played on a 1966 Jazz Bass Paul showcases a fantastic sound, both when playing finger and slap style. The entire performance is peppered with subtle articulations: long/short notes, grace notes, slides, hammer-ons as well as 'Jaco octaves' á la 'River People' and double stop octave slides.

A note on the bass effects: Paul did not have his regular pedals during the recording session so the envelope and fuzz effects were emulated in the studio.

Finally, Paul was keen to present the bass world both with traditional music notation and TAB. The TAB is very helpful (also for traditional music notation readers) as it indicates exactly where the notes where played on the fingerboard. 

Use the KR Player's loop and slow down function to really get into the detail of his playing to copy the vibrant feel of Paul's lines.

About Paul

Bassist Paul Turner has played and recorded with a myriad of top artists ranging from Jamiroquai, Bryan Ferry, Annie Lennox, Tom Jones, Tina Turner and George Michael to UK soul icons like Omar and Mica Paris and Jazz/Funk stars Jeff Lorber and Down To The Bone.

Paul plays his bass with a big heart and his roots firmly placed in Funk and Soul, at the same time always knowing what to play and what not play in any given musical situation. Always playing the right thing and also being one of the nicest professionals you'll ever meet makes him one of the most in-demand bassists in the UK today.

About Shuffler

Individually they all possess international tour and chart topping success, with the likes of Jamiroquai and Dizzee Rascal. 

The four­-piece band, formed in 2011, combine the incomparable musicianship skills of Paul Turner – bass; Rob Harris – guitar; and Derrick McKenzie – drums, with the precocious vocal and percussion talent of Daniel Pearce. 
This collective produce an extraordinary mix of funk, rock and soul. Having captivated audiences across both the UK and Europe, the band has now recorded their first album.

For more info on Shuffler click here.

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