Playing the Blues for all Instruments in AudioSheetMusic format

Playing the Blues for all instruments in AudioSheetMusic format for KR Player available now on the KR store.

We are very pleased to announce the edition of 'Playing the Blues - for all instruments' to the KR Store in our AudioSheetMusic format. 

This book is aimed at Music Teachers and their students who would like to improvise and praciste over standard Blues changes to a real band recording. Additionally the tracks are a great resource to practise key changes -

each track modulates three times to a new key via a set interval, for example up a perfect fourth or down a minor third. 

The AudioSheetMusic book contains 20 tracks - 10 Major Blues and 10 Minor Blues. There are time feel (shuffle, straight, etc.) and chord variations (tracks #15 to #20) for maximum variety and enjoyment.

For some of the tracks the player has the choice of organ bass (a la Jimmy Smith) or electric bass. Additionally bassists have the opportunity to switch off the bass altogether and fill in the role of the bass player.

Tracks #15 to #20 feature a pianet solo on top of the rhythm section - for comping instruments this provides additional stimulus. The pianet solo can be switched off to play and practise your own solo lines.

An important note on transposition - this series was written with the pitch shift and time functionality of the KR Player. Each track can be transposed by the KR Player (a half or whole step down, etc.) - this means

that you you literally have every track in all keys. Naturally you can speed up or slow down the track too and enjoy the perfect synergy of high quality backing tracks played by real musicians with the features of the KR Player.

In short, AudioSheetMusic at its best.

The backing tracks were recorded by Rich Milner on Hammond organ and Pianet, Stefan Redtenbacher on bass and Fran Merante on drums.

Happy practising!