New Rockschool search layout and faster response time on in-app store of the KR Player

Search by instrument, grade or type

We are pleased to announce that we have redesigned the Rockschool search area. When you land in the in-app store of the KR Player for the first time just tap on 'Rockschool' in the featured banner section on top. This will lead you to all Rockschool content currently available [the new Vocal syllabus and Hot Rock Series to come soon]. You can search each instrument (guitar, bass or drums at the moment) by grade (Debut to Grade 8 or all Grades). Once you choose Grade you quickly can see what is available - customarily the book bundle, the individual pieces or the supporting tests for the chosen grade. 

We hope that your exam results are going to be even better now with the help of your technology - 3 PDFs and 6 audio files per piece should really give you everything you need to make your practise more fun and effective at the same time.

Oh yes - for those of you who are returning to the in-app store you should also notice a significant improvement in store response time - more time to practise, less time waiting around for files to load:-)