ROCKSCHOOL Grade Books on KR Player in detail

Debut to Grade 8 for Guitar, Drums and Bass

The free app, ‘KR Player’ can be used as a practice tool for beginner to advanced musicians wanting to get to grips with Rockschool exam pieces, and includes everything you need to work on for your grade exam in one place. Here a closer look at the Rockschool Grade KR files.

Each Grade book comes with 7 KR Files - 6 pieces and 1 supporting test. Each of the pieces include 9 individual media files - three PDFs and six MP3s:

* Fact File (PDF)
* Walkthrough (PDF)
* Score (PDF)
* Full Performance (MP3)
* Full Performance + Click (MP3)
* Minus Instrument (MP3)
* Minus Instrument + Click (MP3)
* Solo Instrument (MP3)
* Solo Instrument + Click (MP3)

The score works in combination with any of the audio tracks, giving you all the options you might want for the most effective and fun practise session.

The 'Supporting tests' KR Files include:

* Scales, Arpeggio & Study
* Sight Reading, Improvisation & Interpretation
* Ear Tests
* General Musicianship Questions

KR Player features

The app’s functionality includes; tempo and key change, the ability to loop entire sections or specific bars, intuitive scrolling and fully adjustable backing tracks.  

"With electric guitar already overtaking the violin in a recent list of most popular musical instruments for children to play, music lessons and exams in the core rock instruments are only going to flourish."

Find out more about the Rockschool Grades on the KR Player here.