ROCKSCHOOL on KnowledgeRocks

We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Rockschool, the leading Rock and Pop music exam board since 1991.

They just launched its exam pieces on the KR Player and aims to change the way music education is delivered in the UK. For the first time – musicians will be able to study and teach directly from their iPad as well as being able to use in their music exam. 

This also makes Rockschool first exam board in the UK to offer the KR Player alternative to its grade exam books, and as such will no doubt be looked on favorably by music teachers who are constantly saddled with heavy music books on a daily basis. 

About Rockschool

Rockschool is the leading accredited provider of rock and pop examinations worldwide. Rockschool are committed to delivering qualifications that develop and expand the musical talents of musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

Music educator Norton York and his playing partner Simon Pitt founded Rockschool in 1991. They realised that rock musicians weren’t being offered the same access to qualifications and training as classical musicians, and vowed to remedy the situation. In 1992 Rockschool launched the very first graded rock music exams for electric guitar, bass and drums. It was a radical breakthrough (despite the performance pieces being delivered on cassette tapes!), offering rock and pop musicians the same grading structure as had always been available to classically trained musicians. Since then, Rockschool has expanded its qualifications to include vocals, piano, vocational qualifications, higher-level diplomas and musical theatre grades. Rockschool operate in over 30 countries and examine over 50,000 musicians and performers every year. 

Find out more about Rockschool and the KR Player at