ROCKSCHOOL Vocal Syllabus (Grades 1-8) out now on KR Player

Rockschool Vocal Syllabus on KR Player

The Rockschool Vocal Syllabus 2014-2017 features some of the biggest rock and pop stars of today. It has never been easier to practise these tunes with the help of the KR Player. You can:

- Purchase individual tracks or entire grade books on the in-app store of the KR Player.

- Loop individual sections like verse or chorus.

- Transpose the tunes to different key to suit your vocal range (note: the scores will not transpose, only the backing tracks)

- Practice on the go -  no more carrying of books and finding backing tracks in your music library. Find everything you need in one place, the free KR Player for iPad, Android coming soon.



The 2014 Vocals Syllabus features some of the biggest recording artists from the past six decades. You can download the full track listing below. 


Fact files: band and artist background information with recommended listening  
Backing tracks: high quality recordings for you to sing along to in your exam 
Vocal scores: easy-to-follow separate vocal scores  
Piano and guitar parts: piano notation and guitar chords included to help with your practice