Sam Dunn’s Gypsy Jazz Guitar ‘A Little Waltz for Django’ on KR store

About Sam Dunn

Based in Leeds, England, Eastman Guitars Artist Sam Dunn is a 6 & 7 String Jazz guitarist, Mandolinist, and Oud player from Liverpool, England, and has nearly twenty years experience as a working pro musician. His relaxed guitar playing belies a lyrical virtuosity that has been heard in concert halls, clubs, pubs, on radio and TV, all over the UK and beyond. Read more about Sam here.

About 'A Little Waltz for Django'

This is a fun yet challenging piece for two jazz guitars, played in the style of the great gypsy musician, Django Reinhardt. The KR file includes a brief overview of the piece, a full score, guitar 1 and guitar 2 score, a full audio performance and rhythm guitar only. As with all KR files, all elements are synced together and offer full functionality like change pitch and time and looping.

Jazz guitar series by Sam

Sam is looking forward to be a published composer for the first time thanks to the help of KR Author and the in-app store on the KR Player. 'A Little Waltz for Django' is only the first piece of an entire collection of Sam's Jazz guitar compositions coming soon to the KR store.

As always download the KR Player - 'sheet music reimagined' here.

Watch Sam's promo video for his new album 'Hear Now - Sam Dunn Trio.' Available from his website here.