SCOTT DEVINE’S Bass Academy on KR store now

We are very pleased to announce our relationship with Scott’s Bass Lessons (SBL Academy), one of the biggest online bass academy subscription services out there.

The story behind our collaboration

Courtesy of RSB Music, KnowledgeRocks has contributed educational 'minus bass' backing tracks for Scott's subscription members. Scott and his team have in turn created videos showing on how to perform these tunes. Bassists can stream the backing track and download the PDF sheet music.

A lot better, of course, is to jump on the KR Store, tap on the SBL Academy featured banner and get these great tracks in our exciting new AudioSheetMusic™ format: play your favourite PDF sheet music with real audio - scrolling in perfect sync. Once you've downloaded some tracks, either practise straight on the web or download the free KR Player app for iPad or Android and practise with your tablet and enjoy our awesome features.

Features of AudioSheetMusic™

You can loop tricky sections, transpose entire tunes and slow down or even speed up passages. The highlight bar will always show you where you are on the page and you don't have to worry about page turns as the KR Player will take care of this for you. All you need to do is to focus on your practise.

You can also practise with the built in 'MyBeat' metronome before you'll play along to the audio backing track.

Click here to become a member of the SBL Academy.

SBL members - follow this trail to get to awesome practise materials:

Here is the landing page - click on the top right hand side (blue square):

You will find this list of RSB Music bass practise tracks:

Choose one track, 'F Like in Sam', for example and get a video, streaming backing track and downloadable PDF score:

Alternatively get the AudioSheetMusic™, i.e. the PDF score and backing tracks in perfect sync from the KR store.

Watch Scott introducing his Scott's Bass Lessons Academy to you.