TRIONIQ bassist PAUL TURNER note-for-note AudioSheetMusic™ on Knowledgerocks store now

We are immensely pleased to have the first two pieces of the newly formed Trioniq on the KnowledgeRocks web store in our unique AudioSheetMusic™ format. Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner, one of the founding members of Trioniq, has kindly agreed to make his note-for-note bass transcriptions for 'Starlight' and 'Can You Feel What's Going On' available. The bass chart is notated in traditional music notation and TAB and was transcribed by bassist Alastair Simpson. Paul took some time out his busy schedule to check over the transcription so you know that what you will see is what Paul actually played.

The AudioSheetMusic™ for 'Starlight' and 'Can You Feel What's Going On' will allow you to slow down tricky passages, loop any section, practise with a metronome before you play along to the orginal recording or simply enjoy the automatic but musical scrolling whilst the highlight bar is always showing you where you are on the page. Step into the footsteps of Paul today and be a member of Trioniq.

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Happy practising and groove along to the masters!


Trioniq is the collective ideas of Rob Harris, Iwan Van Hetten and Paul Turner.

The theme that runs through the eclectic mixture of fresh and dynamic work is the clear love for music that’s good for your soul and moves your body. The depth of musicality in the writing is upheld by spontaneous recordings that retain passion and human inflection.

Keyboardist and trumpeter, Iwan Van Hetten is hugely respected on the scenes of both the East & West coasts of the U.S. and throughout Europe. He is a long-term member of “Brooklyn Funk Essentials” and has also worked with artistes such as Candy Dulfer, Sister Sledge and The Pointer Sisters.

Rob Harris has been the guitarist and co-writer with Jamiroquai since 2000. He has also featured on numerous albums and #1 singles with the likes of Beverley Knight and Kylie Minogue.

Bassist Paul Turner is also a long-term member of Jamiroquai. His diverse career includes recording/live credits ranging from Annie Lennox to Lamont Dozier and Jeff Lorber to Omar.

Both in the studio and onstage they are joined by a stellar selection of vocalists and drummers.