UKULELE lovers - English, Irish and American folk songs now on KR store

We are very pleased to add three books for Ukulele by renown publisher Schott to the KR store: English, Irish and American Folk songs arranged for Ukule by Colin Tribe.

Each book has 37 pieces for solo fingerstyle ukulele playing are presented in this collection, drawn from the rich tradition of folk music. It includes tunes covering a range of styles, including some popular, as well as lesser-known pieces. Experienced ukulele player and teacher Colin Tribe provides notes on all of the pieces, as well as technical aspects of the playing style. All tunes come with a recording of all tunes performed by Colin.

Play and practise along with these fun Ukulele tracks on your browser (Chrome is best), iPad, Android tablet or on Apple TV in the comfort of your living room. As always you can speed up and slow down sections of the tunes, loop tricky sections, practise with the built in metronome only and enjoy seemless scrolling of the AudioSheetMusic™.