UPDATE! Free KR Player 1.2.1 now available on Apple app store

Update with new features

We are very happy to announce our latest update which is now on the Apple app store. This version (1.2.1) includes the brand new book bundle, highlight bar on/off and is iOS8 tested. Thank you to our developers Gordon and Gavin as well as Khaliq for his work on the 'back end'. Of course, all under the watchful eyes of Eran (he will hate me writing this:-).

Download it here for free.

Book Bundle

The new book bundle can be found in the KR in-app store. All items with a red ribbon indicate that you can now buy a collection or digital 'book' of KR files. Once you buy a book bundle all embedded KR files will download one by one into your library. This is a very useful feature for you, our customers and content providers alike.


Highlight Bar on/off function

By popular request we added a highlight bar on/off switch. Although the PDF will still automatically scroll for you the highlight bar can be switched off. This will allow you to test your reading skills without the added benefit of the highlight bar showing you at all times exactly where you are. You can find this new feature in settings/display/Highlight Bar on/off.


iOS 8 Tested

Apple have released a whole range of new products and services last week. We made sure that your KR Player is working smoothly on iOS8 too. 

Happy practicing from the KR team, Eran and Stefan.