‘Vandborg Choral Editions’ Edited by Nic Rowley

Hi there fellow music maker!

We are very proud to add the 'Vandborg Choral Editions' edited by Nic Rowley to our KR store. This series is perfect for vocalists who sing in a choir. You can change pitch and tempo and set loop points to practise any tricky sections for your choir rehearsal. 

Each piece comes with a full score; soprano/alto/tenor or bass score; a full choir performance with piano or organ accompaniment and a 'solo-part mix' to help you work on your voice in isolation with the other vocal parts playing faintly in the background.

The audio files are masterfully produced by Nic Rowley and are of high sound quality, beautifully sung by Leah Perona-Wright (soprano), Christiana Eastwood (alto), Tim Lawrence (tenor) and Dingle Yandell (bass).

Alongside a range of choir pieces, there are currently three free packages on our store: 'Pavane: Belle qui tiens ma vie' by Thoinot Arbeau, 'Ave Verum' by Mozart and 'As with Gladness' by Konrad Kocher.

Expect frequent additions to this series and let us know if there are any choir pieces you would really like to see on our KR store.

Happy singing and help us spread the word about this wonderful new way to practise choral tunes.

Eran & Stefan (the 'Ben & Jerry' of the digital sheet music world)


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