Violinist JESSICA O’LEARY playing MOZART, BACH and VIVALDI in new exciting format

Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi performed by violinist Jessica O'Leary and pianist Michael Haslam

We are very pleased that thanks to wonderful violinist and educator Jessica O'Leary we can offer you the following three pieces in our fantastic new format for FREE: Bach Concerto in D minor, I. Vivace: For two violins, Mozart Duo No. 1, Op 28, I. Allegro: For violin and viola and Vivaldi Concerto Op 3, No. 6, I. Allegro: For Violin and Piano. Jessica was accompanied by brilliant pianist Michael Haslam.

You can loop, slow down and even transpose any passage of these classic pieces with the help of the KR Player app for iPad. The highlight bar will always show you where you are on the page and the automatic scrolling means there is no longer a need for page turns or even a blue tooth pedal.

All files will allow you hear the full performance and see the full score in addition to being able to choose individual scores and backing tracks to play along to. 

The beautiful engravings for the Bach piece will give you the option of 'unedited', i.e. without the fingers and 'edited' with the suggested fingerings by Jessica. Furthermore you can choose the following audio files: violin 1 and piano, violin 2 and piano, violin 1 & 2 only, piano only, violin 1 only and violin 2 only.

The Vivaldi piece presents you with three different violin scores, one of them edited with fingering suggestion by Jessica in addition to the full score. Additionally you will find a recording of the full performance, violin or piano only.

There are three scores in the Mozart piece: the violin and viola score with Jessica's suggested fingerings plus the full score plus a recording of the both instruments or the violin or viola separately to play along to. 

These three classical piece really unleash the power of the KR Player and we hope you will enjoy practising these as much as we enjoyed creating them. Once more a big thank you for Jessica O'Leary by putting this together.


About Jessica O'Leary

Jessica has toured internationally and recorded extensively as a professional violinist, member of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and Principal 2nd violin of the Orchestra of St. John’s for the past 20 years.

She is passionate about playing and teaching music in a variety of styles and has worked with Madonna, Led Zeppelin, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Opera House. 

Combining teaching, performing, examining and seminar presenting for the ABRSM, adjudicating festivals and music competitions and editing for Faber, Jessica has a persuasive portfolio career at the highest level. 

Coming from a family of innovative string teachers, who were the first to start the Suzuki method in Europe, she teaches violin and viola at St Paul’s Girls School, Eltham College and Junior Guildhall. She is a tutor on National Youth Orchestra Outreach days, works with Autistic society and is currently compiling and editing Faber’s Best of Violin series for Grades 1-5.