André ‘Saxman’ Brown - Sax

For those of you who don’t know André, this is what the Jazzwise Magazine have to say about André:

"André Brown's soulful tone and love of melody stand out in a world of college-learnt skronking 'n' honking. His uplifting sax voice is richly affiliated to gospel music and aspires to the sound of R&B greats like Cannonball Adderly. A mature young man to look out for not just next year, but over the next decade." Andy Robson Jazzwise Magazine (Dec 07/Jan 08) 

Check out André playing along to the MyBeat Metronome in an undisclosed location somewhere in Berkshire, around 2 am after a long gig:-)

To find out more about André ‘Saxman’ Brown, click here.